Stainless 304 handrail brackets from our Pro-Railing range. They provide a stylish and contemporary look to any handrail system.

Pro-Railing is a range of stainless steel components designed to help create stunning handrails or balustrades in all types of applications. There is no welding, just cut, screw and glue, it couldn’t be simpler.

Available in stainless steel Grade 304 and 316 and designed with simplicity of use in mind, the system provides maximum flexibility to overcome unforeseen onsite challenges.

We offer a range of infill solution including glass, glass with glass clamps, wire rope, round bar and we can also offer perforated metal, wire mesh and wire rope netting.

Pre-assembled posts are a great time saver and come with glass clamps and bases already fitted. All you have to do is choose your spigot for your handrail or go with a no handrail solution.

The Pro-Railing range of components is designed with simplicity of use in mind. Available in stainless 304 for internal use, stainless 316 for external use and Duplex 2205 for marine environments, the handrail and balustrade system consist of over 1000 components, allowing for the quick installation of complex and attractive handrail and balustrade. Both handrail and balustrade systems offer a choice of infill solutions: glass panels, round tube & bars, perforated metal or wire mesh panels. There is also a choice of wire rope systems and glass clamps to use with our range of Pro-Glass.

Our Aluminium frameless glass balustrade channel can be finished off with Pro-Railing split tube fittings also available in 304 & 316, and Duplex 2205 stainless steel which when combined with Pro-Glass produces stunning results.

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