Glass Juliet balcony kits enable French windows or patio doors to be installed rather than conventional windows, filling the room with light, increasing ventilation and creating a greater sense of space, with the balcony itself providing a safety barrier which does not generally require planning permission.

Highly Sought After

Highly sought after architectural features in today’s homes, our single and double Juliet glass balcony kits are fabricated from 48.3mm 316 marine grade stainless steel and come complete with rails, brackets & pre-assembled posts with glass clamps. 

Achieve Different Looks

We supply a range of stainless steel, aluminium, zinc and glass Juliet balconies including Elegance Juliet and Romeo, designed to achieve 3 different looks, and Sky Force, a practically invisible system.

Minimal and versatile, glass Juliet balconies provide uninterrupted views and are virtually maintenance free.

The Charm of a Juliet Balcony

Named after Shakespeare’s iconic character, Juliet balconies don’t extend outward from the building like traditional balconies. Instead, they feature a railing attached to the exterior of large windows or French doors, creating an illusion of extended space while making your home feel larger and brighter.

Why Opt for Aluminium?

When it comes to selecting the material for your Juliet balcony, aluminium stands out due to its unique mix of durability, strength, and aesthetic allure. Being a recyclable metal, aluminium also makes your home improvement project an environmentally-friendly choice.

Durability and Strength

Aluminium is recognized for its exceptional durability and strength. An Aluminium Juliet balcony from FH Brundle can withstand harsh weather conditions and resist corrosion, ensuring it maintains its prime condition over the years. Its robustness makes it a reliable safety barrier without sacrificing style.

Low Maintenance

One of the key benefits of an Aluminium Juliet balcony is its low maintenance requirements. Unlike other materials, aluminium doesn’t need frequent painting or treatment. A simple clean occasionally is all it takes to maintain its modern, stylish appearance.

Aesthetic Appeal

An Aluminium Juliet balcony from FH Brundle is more than just a safety feature; it’s a design statement. With its sleek lines and contemporary feel, it adds a touch of modern elegance to any property. Whether you own a city apartment or a country cottage, an Aluminium Juliet balcony enhances your home’s exterior and increases its curb appeal.

Please Note – Sky Force fall protection for French balconies is the first practically invisible system application; no system can be mounted more quickly or easily thanks to its unrivalled “slide & click” technique, the system can be mounted directly onto the window frame or masonry and can cover one width size with only one profile, making powder coating easy if required. It is the best and most cost-effective application on the market.

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