Our stainless steel handrail component system provides stunning results each and every time. We supply the following systems: PanelGrip®, Posiglaze, Wedge-Loc™ – Slim, Mega-Grip 3kN, Origin R, Pro-Lite, Tilt-Loc™, OnLevel Type 6020, 6021, 3010 and 3011.

Available in stainless steel Type 304 and 316 crossbar systems offer a modern handrail and balustrade solution for many applications and a practical alternative to glazed balustrades.

Flexible components allow for 7 rails to be fitted as standard but will also work with plain or decorative vertical bars using a simple two part adaptor. 

This handrail and stainless steel balustrade system consists of over 1000 components, allowing for the quick installation of complex and attractive stainless steel railings and balustrades; simply cut then glue or screw to create a clean and contemporary look, giving you professional results every time. 

The components are available in stainless 304 for internal installations and stainless 316 for external applications and ultramarine Duplex 2205 where additional resistance to corrosion is required. Components come either in a satin or mirror-polished finish. 

We also offer a range of infill solutions, from stocked round bars to perforated metal panels, expanded metal panels and wire mesh, all supplied to your specification.

Applications of the Product

Stainless steel balustrade components from Pro-Railing can be used in a variety of settings, including commercial, domestic, and industrial environments.

  • Commercial Settings: In commercial buildings, these components can be used to construct balustrades for staircases and balconies, providing safety and style to office buildings, shopping centres, and restaurants.
  • Domestic Settings: In residential homes, these components can be used for decking, balconies, and staircases, enhancing the aesthetic appeal while ensuring safety.
  • Industrial Settings: In industrial environments, these components provide necessary safety barriers around machinery or elevated platforms.

Real-Life Examples

Balustrades made from Pro-Railing’s stainless steel components can be seen in a variety of public spaces. For example, they’re often used in shopping malls to provide safety barriers along walkways and escalators. They’re also commonly found on the balconies of high-rise apartment buildings, where they add a sleek, modern touch while ensuring resident safety.

Recommendations for Use

To maximize the benefits of stainless steel balustrade components from Pro-Railing, consider the following recommendations:

  1. Safety First: Always prioritise safety when designing and installing balustrades. Ensure that all components are securely fitted and regularly inspected for damage or wear.

  2. Style Considerations: Stainless steel balustrades lend themselves well to a variety of architectural styles. Consider the overall design of your space when choosing components.

  3. Maintenance: While stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, it’s still important to clean your balustrade regularly to maintain its appearance and longevity.

In conclusion, stainless steel balustrade components from Pro-Railing offer a reliable, stylish, and practical solution for a wide range of applications. They provide the perfect balance between function and aesthetics, making them an excellent choice for any setting.

Variety of Systems Available

There is also a choice of wire rope systems and glass clamps to use with our range of Pro-Glass. Our Aluminium frameless glass balustrade channel can be finished off with Pro-Railing split tube fittings also available in 304 & 316, and Duplex 2205 stainless steel which when combined with Pro-Glass produces stunning results.

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