Stainless Steel Skyforce balconies fall protection for French balconies is the first practically invisible system application; no system can be mounted more quickly or easily thanks to its unrivalled “slide & click” technique, the system can be mounted directly onto the window frame or masonry and can cover one width size with only one profile, making powder coating easy if required. It is the best and most cost-effective application on the market. 

With the French balcony protection for windows, Sky Force balcony available from Pro-Railing once again sets innovative standards. It is the first almost invisible system solution. But even better, at the same time, it is probably the highest performing and most affordable system solution on the market. There is no system that is easier and faster to mount, avoiding unnecessary frustration and delays and adding profit and precious time for you.

Virtually Maintenance Free

Minimal and versatile, glass is the material of the moment for Juliet balconies, especially where uninterrupted views are desired. Once installed, they are virtually maintenance-free, simply requiring cleaning, and are suitable for even the most corrosive seaside or coastal properties. However, the more traditional wrought iron style is still very much in the frame where that look is required.

The obvious advantages offered by a Sky Fall balcony is that they enable French windows or patio doors to be installed rather than conventional windows, filling the room with light, increasing ventilation and creating a greater sense of space, with the balcony itself providing a safety barrier.

Wide Range of Products Available


We supply a range of stainless steel, aluminium, zinc and glass Juliet balconies including Elegance Juliet and Romeo, designed to achieve 3 different looks, and Sky Force, a practically invisible system.

Minimal and versatile, glass Juliet balconies provide uninterrupted views and are virtually maintenance free.

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