Designing with weldable glass clamps allows for a wealth of creative possibilities. These versatile components, often used in balustrades, offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal. By using weldable glass clamps, you can create a variety of design outcomes, from sleek, minimalist looks to more complex, intricate designs.

The Basics of Weldable Glass Clamps

Weldable glass clamps are an economical alternative to traditional bolt-on glass clamps. They are ideal for fixing glass panels in balustrades, providing a secure and durable attachment. These components are galvanised and powder coated after manufacture, ensuring a high-quality finish.

These glass clamps are made to the highest standards using top-quality materials. They come in different variations, including mild steel, stainless disc with mild steel back, and full stainless steel Type 316. The choice of material depends on the application – internal or external.

The Advantages of Using Weldable Glass Clamps

Weldable glass clamps offer a range of benefits:

  1. Flexibility: They allow for a variety of design possibilities, from simple to complex.
  2. Durability: Their high-quality manufacture ensures a long lifespan.
  3. Ease of Installation: The welding process provides a strong, secure attachment.

The Pro-Railing System: A Comprehensive Range of Components

The Pro-Railing system offers a comprehensive range of components, allowing for flexibility and ease of installation. This range includes a variety of infills, glass clamps, and stiffeners, all available in different finishes and sizes.

Specifiers can be assured of the system’s quality and versatility. The Pro-Railing system is designed with ease of installation in mind, maximising on-site flexibility for any changes that may arise. This ensures that the most stylish of handrailings and balustrades can be constructed quickly and simply.

Glass Clamps in Interior Design

Glass clamps play a crucial role in interior design. They can be supplied in any RAL colour to blend in with the interior design. This allows for a seamless integration into any space, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

Stiffeners: Supporting Frameless Systems and Changing Angles

Stiffeners are an essential part of the balustrade system. They provide support for frameless systems, help change angles, and tie glass panels back to the building. Our range of stiffeners are available in black matte and stainless finishes.

Glass Clamps and Load Bearing

When using glass clamps, it’s important to consider the load bearing capacity. The permissible glass loading information and Glass Clamps loading table information should be consulted to ensure the safety and integrity of the design.


In conclusion, weldable glass clamps offer a world of design possibilities. Their versatility, durability, and ease of installation make them a popular choice for designers and specifiers. Whether you’re aiming for a sleek, minimalist design or a more complex, intricate design, weldable glass clamps can help you achieve your vision.

From the Pro-Railing system’s comprehensive range of components to the flexibility of colour options for glass clamps, there’s a wealth of possibilities waiting for you to explore. Unleash your design potential with weldable glass clamps.